About us


AM Fotografía was born from the shared passion for photography by Alan y Mamen….


  • Recently, I’ve started reading fiction books and my fave author of the moment is Terry Pratchett
  • I love coffee, but black only please, and preferably espresso 🙂
  • I am a natural born engineer and am fascinated by how things are structured or work (If you’ve seen the Dilbert cartoon where his doctor tells his mum that he will be an engineer, that is me)
  • I like cars, and my dream would be to buy an Ariel Atom, which I was lucky to drive around a track once, or to build an Ultima Can-Am
  • I have always been interested in Space, especially rockets, satellites and space stations, and have been lucky enough to work on some.
  • I really like portraits but also photographs that show form or structure, which can equally be people or architecture.

Before moving to Spain, I had some darkroom equipment and enjoyed developing film and making my own prints by hand. Now that has gone, so I have moved over to digital, but I still have fond memories of the darkroom and the smell of the chemicals..

My day job is still engineering, but the rest of my time I am helping Mamen with the smooth running of AM Fotografia.


  • M I like to photograph people, although the camera doesn’t rest on holidays either.
  •  I love Japan and was learning Japanese for a year… it’s time to go back to studying it again.
  •  I admit that I like the Twilight saga a lot… I’m Team Edward!!
  •  Musically, I like a bit of everything, but I love Gary Barlow…
  •  I´m a bit special with food, so when I’m abroad, finding a restaurant I like, takes a bit of effort!!
  •  I love photographing weddings;, everyone is happy, it’s one of the happiest days in the life of the couple, and I love capturing the emotions of the couple, the families and friends, because it will last forever….
  •  Alan thinks that I don’t drink coffee with milk, but drink milk with a little coffee.
  •  I’m very organised;I like knowing where things are, and arranging trips thoroughly and being prepared for the unexpected.
  • After living in England for 5 years I can confirm I speak fluent English …I have to say that having a husband that didn’t speak much Spanish helped 🙂

Apart from these, I’m pretty normal really.

I’ve always loved photography, but we didn’t buy our first Digital SLR until 2008. From that moment, my passion multiplied to take me to this day… I quit my job to pursue a profession that I love. I am lucky to have Alan, who has been who really has supported me in this decision unconditionally.

Have a look at our work and if you’d like to know more, do not hesitate to contact us.
Thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you soon!

Alan & Mamen